Q: Is devfs supported ?
A: yes.

Q: Are raid devices supported ?
A: They should. Your feedback is welcome.

Q: Is sysfs supported (2.6 kernels) ?
A: yes.

Q: Is oracle supported ?
A: not particularly : 

On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 11:55:07PM -0700, y. r. wrote:
| Can we use this for fedora core3 running box with grub
| and oracle10g alos?

I'm not a specialist of either fc, or either oracle.

As far as I know, fc3 uses logical volumes and grub. So, the answer is
no with a fc3 out of the box, and yes if you tune your system, that is : 

- no logical volumes
- no labels in /etc/fstab
- lilo

Regarding oracle : rfs fails if the current file to be copied is locked
by another process. You can check for locked files with ``lsof'' utility.

The goal of rfs is to maintain a backup of the system. Specific things
like databases should be backuped separately, because of locked files.

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